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Director / Choreographer: Milwaukee Baker
Musical Director: Ana Maria Rajcan

Auditions will be held on December 2nd and 3rd

To book an audition appointment, please complete the online Audition application form

NOTE: The audition application form will be available starting on Friday November 17th.



December 2nd and 3rd, 2023. You may request your preferred time-slot. Audition spots will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

To audition you must currently be in grades 4 to 8.


Auditions will be held at Lakeside Church, 7654 Conservation Road, Guelph Map.


Please arrive fifteen minutes early to fill out an Audition Form

Please be prepared to stay approximately one hour. All parts require some level of movement. Please dress comfortably as there will be a movement component to the audition.

Auditioners should prepare one song of their choice to reflect their voice type. We would like to suggest that you choose a piece that suits the musical style of Peter Pan, however, your song should highlight your abilities and strengths.
We would also like auditioners to prepare a joke or a page from your favourite book to tell our creative team. It does not have to be memorized, but we are looking for your ability to tell a story and really perform for us, not necessarily to be the funniest!
Please bring a headshot to the audition for our reference purposes only. It does not need to be a professional picture.
Remember, it is your audition and you want to showcase yourself!

We will have the ability to play recorded accompaniment through a CD player, MP3 player, iPhone or iPod.  There are plenty of instrumental tracks available on YouTube and iTunes. 



Rehearsals are currently being determined, and a venue and schedule will be available shortly. We anticipate two rehearsals a week in December (before the holiday break), moving to three rehearsals a week in January and February. Please describe any known absences you might have January through February (eg. vacations)


While we understand that people may have prior commitments and there are unforeseen circumstances surrounding one's availability, it is imperative that cast members attend all rehearsals that they are called for.

Please bring your calendar to your audition as you will be required to fill out a form stating your availability. This will be taken into consideration when making casting decisions.



There will be 5 performances: 7:00pm on February 29th, March 1st and 2nd, and 1:30pm on March 2nd and 3rd, 2024.

All performances will take place at Guelph Little Theatre. All cast must be available for all performances and the week preceding performances during the evenings and weekends.


You don't need to be a member to audition, but membership of RCMPI is required to take part in the show. Individual membership is currently $10 for youth under the age of 16.


The online form for requesting an audition time will be available until November 29th, 2023. (or until audition spots are filled). If you have any questions about this process please contact us:

RCMPI is a volunteer organization. If you would like to participate in a different role please contact us through our feedback form.

Peter Pan Jr - Casting Information

Please note that all descriptions are generalizations based on previous performances for reference only, and are not prerequisites. The Directorial Team may cast the show in any way that suits their overall vision.

Peter Pan
Our mischievous hero who wants to stay a boy forever! – Looking for someone with strong stage presence and charisma.
The oldest Darling child. Very clever and has a natural mothering instinct.
The middle Darling child. A bit of a know-it-all.
The youngest Darling child. Adventurous and playful.
Captain Hook
Our villain. Wants to kidnap Wendy and is always scheming to hurt the Lost Boys.
Tiger Lily
Leader of the Brave Girls. Strong and commanding.
Tinker Bell
Peter’s fairy. – non-speaking. Looking for a physical actor with LOTS of personality.
Captain Hook’s right-hand-man.
Mr. and Mrs. Darling
The children’s parents. – Will double as PIRATES or LOST BOY/BRAVE GIRL
The Darlings’ maid. – Will double as PIRATE or BRAVE GIRL.
The Darlings’ dog. – non-speaking. Looking for a comedic physical actor. Will double as LOST BOY/BRAVE GIRL.
Non-speaking. Looking for a sneaky physical actor. Will double as LOST BOY/BRAVE GIRL.
non-speaking. Looking for 4 older actors to help us make Peter and the Darling children fly! Will double as PIRATES/
Lost Boys, Brave Girls, and Pirates
The ensemble.
To book an audition appointment, please complete the Audition application form

General Information:

Peter Pan JR.

A Musical Based on the Play by Sir J. M. Barrie

Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh
Music by Morris "Moose" Charlap,
Additional Lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green,
Additional Music by Jule Styne
Original Production Directed & Choreographed by Jerome Robbins

More information about this show is available through MTI Shows