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As the curtain opens, young Patrick, accompanied by his nanny, Agnes Gooch, is arriving in New York City. Recently orphaned, the boy has come to live with his Auntie Mame. He soon learns that, while Mame loves him, she is far from being a model of conventional motherhood. His aunt wants Patrick to participate in life with a capital L, and she has the wealth to provide the schooling and every other type of experience she thinks he needs.

Artistic Director: John Snowdon
Choreographer: Thom Jaskula
Music Director: Lisa Hagen

Produced by: David Blythe, Simon Leibovitz, Judy McVittie

E.L. Fox Auditorium
(Formerly Ross Hall)
Nov 23- Dec 1, 1990

Book by: Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

Music and Lyrics by: Jerry Herman

Mame is presented with special permission from  Tams-Witmark Music Library Inc.

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