King Arthur
Scott William
Tom Gould
Lady of the Lake
Robyn Cheng
Sir Robin / Brother Maynard
Ben Wallace
Sir Galahad / Tim the Enchanter
Oliver Pavia
Sir Lancelot
Simon Pawlowski
Sir Bedevere
Pierre Elrick
Prince Herbert
Quaid Lale
Not Dead Fred
Michaela Todd
Laura Reitzel
Historian / Mrs Galahad
Susan Lawrenson
French Guard
Jack Mosney
Dancing Monk
Graham Gould
Flying Nun
Adam Lawrenson-Chaudhry
French Taunter
Anna Kreider
Head Knight of Ni
Sarah Dexter
Mayor of Finland / Black Knight / Herbert's Father
Gregg Shanks
Herbert's Guard #1
Khary Alexander
Herbert's Guard #2
Jane Adair
Jack Parnell
Werner Eitzen, Steve Johnson, Hannah Mercer, Debbie Sippel Eitzen
Dance Ensemble
Sarah Duff, Taylor Flinders, Gabriella Macerollo, Heather MacKenzie, Robyn Walsh


Conductor and Keyboards
Jeff Daniels
Gregson Lodge
Joan Harris
Jesse Turton
John Goddard

Production Team

Fiona Douglas
Meghan Barron
Vocal Director
Karen Allen
Orchestral Director
Jeff Daniels
Production Co-ordinator
Julie Van Duzen-Nantes
Stage Manager
Tyler Livingstone
Assistant Stage Managers
Jane Martin, Corrine Saunders
Followspot Operator
Jeff Perkins
Makeup Artist
Chloe Campbell Fischer
Stage Crew
Carrie MacKay
Fight Captain
Scott William
Lighting Designers
Geoff Nantes, Julie Van Duzen-Nantes
Set Design
Tyler Livingstone
Head Carpenter
Adrian Kemp
Sound Designer
Sheila Todd
Props Designer
Janet Mosney
Props Assistants
Helen Dumoulin, Monica Garr, Jack Mosney, Mary Payne, Debbie Sippel Eitzen
Costume Design and Co-ordination
Lin Chapman, Sandra Conway, Sheila Douglas
Sewing and Needlework
Helen Dumoulin, Julia Loncke
with help from: Audrey Conway, Susan Hudson, Sandy Bassie, Debbie Sippel Eitzen, Linda Moorehead, Ken Scott
Helmets, Headgear and Special Costume Effects
Lin Chapman
Graphic Design
Tom Gould
Audition Co-ordinators
Jeff Perkins, Holly A. Reid
Rehearsal Pianist
Gregson Lodge