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The Mikado


The Mikado of Japan Jim Griffin
Nanki-Poo, his son Malakai Arnel
Ko-Ko, Lord High Executioner Michael (Zeeke) Hamilton
Pooh-Bah, Lord High Everything Else Tom Gould
Pish-Tush, A noble lord Robert Geddes
Yum-Yum, ward of Ko-Ko Kim Moffit
Pitti-Sing, ward of Ko-Ko Mariah Macfarlane
Peep-Bo, ward of Ko-Ko Fiona Douglas
Katisha, an elderly lady in love with Nanki-Poo Michele DiTomasso
Gentlemen of Japan
Todd Broatch, Paul Clarkson, Mike Dutfield, Kyle Edward, Werner Eitzen, Steve Johnson, Magnus Mee, Stephen O'Connell, Henry Peeling, A. Robert W. Purdy, Jeremy Wahl
Sheila Douglas, Chandel Gambles, Carrie Gordon, Emily Grignon, Tania Hiriart, Emilie Mossman, Sophia Podrozny, Hillary Schroeder, Alejandra Simmons, Debbie Sippel Eitzen, Earlla Vickers


Conductor Laurie Garbutt
Violin Jay Samuels
Viola Ron Dolynchuk
Cello Mark Edel / Mandy Horne
Flute Barbara Eley
Piano Grace Peters

Production Team

Director Jane Martin
Music Director Laurie Garbutt
Production Coordinator Sarah Whelan
Stage Manager Erik Noesgaard
Assistant Stage Manager Nick Haycock
Assistant Stage Manager Corrine Saunders
Costumes Alicia Parkinson
Properties Corrine Saunders
Asst. Musical Director Michael (Zeeke) Hamilton
Rehearsal Accompanist Grace Peters
Set Building and Painting: Todd Broatch, Paul Clarkson, Kyle Edward, Michele DiTomasso, Mike Dufield, Robert Geddes, Jim Griffin, Tom Gould, 'Zeeke' Hamilton, Tania Hiriart, Steve Johnson, Mariah Macfarlane, Magnus Mee, Angus Mellor, Matt Middleton, Michael Mitchell, Emilie Mossman, Megan Mossman, Henry Peeling, Bob Purdy, Corrine Saunders, Alejandra Simmons, Earlla Vickers, Jeremy Wahl, Kimberley Young
Costumes: Pat Parkinson, Helen Dumoulin, Sheila Douglas, Alejandra Simmons, Earlla Vickers
Wigs and Makeup: Sarah Whelan, Michelle DiTomasso
Advertising: Carrie Gordon, Judy Steibelt, and the cast
Front of House: Mariah Macfarlane, Meeghan Nolasco, Jeremy Wahl
Poster and Programme: Tom Gould
Programme Advertising: Werner Eitzen