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Celia, a fairy Sarah Kenny
Leila, a fairy Mariah Macfarlane
Fleta, a fairy Darcy Welch
Queen of the Fairies* Earlla Vickers
Iolanthe, a fairy, Strephon's mother Michele DiTomasso
Strephon, an Arcadian Shepherd Jordan Stumpf
Phyllis, an Arcadian shepherdess and Ward in Chancery Amy Waller
The Lord Chancellor Michael Austin
Lord Tolloller Kai Arnel
Lord Mountararat Tom Gould
Private Willis Jim Griffin
Dukes, Marquesses, Earls, Viscounts and Barons
John Attwell, Todd Broatch, Robert Brown, Paul Clarkson, Tim Clayton, Werner Eitzen, Stephen O'Connell, Henry Peeling, A. Robert W. Purdy, Andy Stimpson
Stephanie Bagasan, Jennifer Bertin, Jen de Vries, Akasha DiTomasso, Sheila Douglas, Laura Harding, Sophia Podrozny, Melissa Purchase, Debbie Sippel Eitzen, Judy Steibelt, Janet Warren
Pixies and Pages
Alyssa Carrey, Kelsey Danielli, Liam Diebolt-Kenny, Watson Garbutt, Angela Gismondi, Alyshia Goddong, Madison Godin, Shae-Lyn Herbert, Savannah Knapp, Ruth Martin, Meghan Sullivan, Jennifer Veeneman
* The role of Queen of the Fairies at most performances was played by:
Judy Steibelt


Conductor Laurie Garbutt
Violin Ron Dolynchuk
Viola Machael Carey
Cello Mark Edel
Flute Barbara Eley
Piano Anne Marie Leonard

Production Team

Director Jane Martin
Music Director Laurie Garbutt
Production Coordinator Anita MacFarlane
Stage Manager Erik Noesgaard
Stage Manager Jordan McMillin
Costumes Melissa Bruntlett
Set Design Stacey Timmers
Set Construction Jim Hoare
Rehearsal Accompanist Grace Peters
Audition Coordinator Anne Norris
Set Building and Painting: Chuck Bagasan, Stephanie Bagasan, Jim Brasseur, Todd Broatch, Paul Clarkson, Tim Clayton, Michele DiTomasso, Werner Eitzen, Laurie Garbutt, Watson Garbutt, Sarah Kenny, Anita Macfarlane, Matt Middleton, Bob Purdy, Debbie Sippel Eitzen, Judy Steibelt, Natalie Steibelt, Jane Martin, Janet Warren
Costumes: Erika Bagasan, Helen Dumoulin, Laura Harding, Gladys Phillips, Debbie Sippel Eitzen
Coronets: Todd Broatch, Melissa Bruntlett, Paul Clarkson, Duncan Gould, Graham Gould, Kim Gould, Tom Gould, Anita Macfarlane, Jane Martin, Ruth Martin, Stephen O'Connell, Janet Warren
Dance Captain: Debbie Sippel Eitzen
Front of House: Anita Macfarlane
Front of House painting: Meredith Sweeney
Poster and Programme: Tom Gould
Programme Advertising: Werner Eitzen
Pixie & Page Escort: Fiona Douglas
Cast Shirt Assistant: Matisse Apsimon-Megens