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Little Red Riding Hood

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Angus and Grandma set the scene : "Grandma, how sick are you?"
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Little Red Riding Hood shows up and explains her dreams and aspirations and then sets off to visit her poor sick Grandma.
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Wolfram Worcestershire Worthless meets Little Red in the Forest and invites her back to his place for lunch. "Red Hooded human and rice - ain't it nice"
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The three little pigs manage to warn Little Red about the wolf and show off their 'class' act all in one scene!
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Pooper is not thrilled with the idea of tracking down a sick  Grandma, and wonders why this all feels so wrong.
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The wolf finds Grandma at home and threatens to eat her up. 'Take another look' replies Grandma.
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In need of a hero to take on the wolf, the Pigs go in search of Angus who is cutting deadwood...
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Suddenly Grandma appears and tells of how she 'nearly lost her tonsils' to the the wolf's toenails and teeth! But wait... if Grandma is safe, where's Little Red?
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It turns out that Little Red is trapped in Grandma house with the wolf. As the forces of good assemble to take on the wolf, everyone is sure that Angus will 'Chop him up like a rotten log'.
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With the wolf finally cornered, everyone holds on to him for dear life as Angus steels himself to make the fatal blow.
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With the wolf gone, Grandma finds enough energy to show everyone how to party at Grandma's Place.
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Even though the big bad wolf has been dealt with, another tail is spotted under the bed. It turns out that it's Pooper. And not only that.... there's a good chance that he's a dog and not really a wolf after all.