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West Side Story

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The Jets show their dominance of the streets by harassing the neighborhood kids. This escalates into a series of enounters with the rival Sharks gang.
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The cops show up to separate the fighting gangs and send the Sharks off. This leaves the Jets to plan a way to take back the streets - a rumble.
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We then see Maria and her brother's girlfriend, Anita, preparing for the dance. It will be Maria's first dance and Chino turns up to escort her.
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At the dance several things happen. The rival gangs are both there but refuse to dance together. Tony and Maria see each other across the dance floor and fall hopelessly in love. Bernardo, Maria's brother, finds them and, enraged, sends Maria home. Riff invites Bernardo to a war council after the dance to discuss the ground rules for a rumble.
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Tony searches the streets for Maria and finds her on the balcony. They then sing about what this night has meant. Now that they have found someone to care about the world has new meaning.
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After the dance, the Puerto Ricans congregate and debate the pro and cons of their new life in 'America'.
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The Sharks and Jets meet at the drug store to arrange the rumble. After some debate and some prodding from Tony it is agreed that it will be a fair fight - one against one.
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The next day Tony visits Maria at work at the end of the day and they enact their perfect marriage ceremony. Maria, worried about the warring between the Sharks and Jets, persuades Tony to go to try and stop the coming fight altogether.
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Tony arrives just in time - the fight is about to begin. Despite his efforts, he cannot defuse the tension that exists and ends up in the fight himself. Things get out of hand and Riff gets fatally wounded by Bernardo's knife. Tony cannot help himself and uses Riff's knife to stab Bernardo.
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As the dust settles, Riff and Bernardo are lying dead.
Police sirens sound and the gang members melt away into the darkness.
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Maria, under the impression that Tony has stopped the fight and being giddy with love sings "I feel Pretty" as her friends look on bemused.
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Suddenly, Chino turns up and tells Maria that her brother is dead. When Maria asks about Tony, Chino realises that not only has Tony robbed him of his friend, but has also taken the heart of the girl he was supposed to have.
Chino heads out with a gun determined to have his revenge on Tony.
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Tony appears at Maria's window and begs for her love. Both exhausted, they cannot keep arguing, and end up asleep. As they sleep they dream of what might be - what might have been.
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The Jets are on the run. Baby John and A-Rab are caught by Officer Krupke, but some steady talk and swift footwork get the better of him.
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As the rest of the Jets meet up, they try to remain brave by rediculing officer Krupke and the other societal forces that try to influence their lives towards 'normal' living.
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Tony and Maria are wakened by Anita who has come with news of Bernardo. Tony leaves hastily down the fire escape after agreeing to meet Maria at the drug store. Anita realises what is going on and tries to persuade Maria to forget about Tony. Maria defends her love and wins Anita over.
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Lt. Schrank turns up to question Maria about her brother and the boy she was talking to at the dance the night before. Maria persuades Anita to go to the drug store to tell Tony to wait for her.
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Anita goes to the drug store but runs into the Jets who insult, harrass and assault her until Doc appears and separates them. Anita, incensed by her treatment, tells them that Chino has killed Maria.
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Doc delivers the message to Tony who is hiding in the basement of the store. Believing the worst, Tony runs out looking for Chino.
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In the streets, Tony finds Maria on her way to the drug store, but it is too late. Chino fires a shot and Tony is killed. Maria, devastated by the series of events threatens everyone around her before collapsing.
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Tony and Maria reunited back stage.