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The Pirates of Penzance

In order of appearance

Samuel Terrence Millie
Frederic Steve Robinson
Ruth Marnie Jutzi
Pirate King Dan Kelley
Edith Kate Hollingsworth
Kate Lesley McRae
Mabel Amy Waller
Major-General Stanley Norman Poch
Sergeant of Police Allan Finnie

Major-General Stanley's Daughters


Rosalie Abrahamse, Victoria Connors, Sheila Douglas, Jenna Ecclestone, Debbie Sippel Eitzen, Beth Harris, Lisa MacColl, Nola Martin, Mary Rizzi Somos, Judy Steibelt, Jennifer Storey, Dana Turner

Pirates of Penzance


John Attwell, Robert Bender, Robert Brown, Gary E. Chapman, Time Clarke, Werner Eitzen, Robert Free, Jonathan Gates, Steve Johnson, Stephen O'Connell, A. Robert W. Purdy



John Attwell, Robert Bender, Werner Eitzen, Robert Free, Steve Johnson, Stephen O'Connell


Conductor Laurie Garbutt
Piano Grace Peters
Flute Barb Eley
Violin Elsje Hagen
Viola Ron Dolynchuk
Cello Mark Edel
Clarinet Warren McKenzie-Leighton
Trumpet Rosemary Bennett
Trombone Tom Wallace

Production Team

Artistic Director, Producer Jane Martin
Music Director Laurie Garbutt
Stage Manager Sheila Todd
Assistant Stage Manager Bette Ann Stoddart
Assistant Stage Manager Joan Ksenych
 Head of Costumes Gladys Phillips
 Head of Properties Corrine Saunders
Rehearsal Accompanist Grace Peters
Costumes Annemarie Ross, Lin Chapman
Technical Advisor Gary E. Chapman
Programme & Poster Design Terry Millie
Audition Coordinators Al & Anne Norris
Props Nathan Poch
Vocal Coach Kate Hollingsworth
Front of House Penny Willes, Bette Ann Stoddart,  Bob Willes.