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To Last a Lifetime


Young Ed Maris John Attwell
Stella Maris Emily Beresford
Diane Laura Black
Isaac, Derek Tim Clarke
Old Stella Marlene De Boer
Tess Toube Kelley French
Drew Duncan Lance Green
Old Drew Steve Johnson
Bette Sorez Shelly Lockhart
Isabella Mary Rizzi-Somos
Young Isabella Jennifer Roberts
Dr Cruickshank Steve Robinson
Ed Maris Jeff Rogers
Richard Alastair Sheach
Peter Attrition, Isaac (understudy) Chris Sheach



Laura Black, Tim Clarke, Jennifer Dagg, Marlene De Boer, Wendy Dupon, Kelley French, Ron Gropp, Steve Johnson, Shelly Lockhart, Sherrie Miller, Jennifer Proulx, Jennifer Roberts, Steve Robinson, Liz Scott, Alastair Sheach, Chris Sheach, Debbie Sippel Eitzen, Bryant Whyte

Artistic Team

Artistic Director Marion Rogers
Musical Director Anne Monkhouse
Choreographer Rachael Ecclestone
Assistant to the Choreographer Lesley Gloin, Emily Mairs
Vocal Coach Laine Monkhouse


Accompianist Debbie Jakab
Percussion Neil Monkhouse

Production Crew

Producers Gary E. Chapman, Lin Chapman
Stage Manager Nadine Bell
Assistant Stage Managers John Attwell, Terri Wilkinson
Technical Director Gary E. Chapman
Set Design and Construction Lin Chapman, Gary E. Chapman
Set Decor Lin Chapman
Properties Lin Chapman
Lighting Design Gary E. Chapman
Costumes Pamela D'Ettorre
Costume Assistant Kathie Dolny
Make-up Natasha Scott, Barbara Capes
Publicity Sue Scott
Program Richard Vollans
Audition Coordinators Al & Anne Norris