Royal City Musical Productions Inc. Board

RCMPI is governed and operated by an elected Board of Directors.
The Board for 2017/2018 is:
Susan Lawrenson
Holly A. Reid
Tyler Livingstone
Jeff Perkins
Karen Allen, Fiona Douglas Jane Martin, Olivia Mann, Gary Roche

The Board is responsible to the company members to ensure RCMPI is a viable organization that meets its mandate. This has meant a much greater emphasis on fund-raising in recent years as well as outreach programs to try to raise awareness of the company's activities in the community.

All Board members are volunteers who give their time and talents towards the boards efforts. The Board generally meets monthly. All RCMPI members are welcome to attend board meetings and can contribute to discussions on a non-voting basis.

Board Meeting Minutes are available to download prior to the AGM each year.


The Board of RCMPI is governed by the company Constitution and the company By-laws.
Constitution/Articles of Incorporation

Current By-Laws (updated April 2015)

RCMPI Policies (updated January 2018)


The Board has several active committees that form recommendations for the Board. Any member of RCMPI can be a full member of a committee. Involvement in a committee can be an excellent way to contribute to the administration of RCMPI. If you would like to be involved in any committee or want to have input, please contact us and we'll give you all the information you need to contribute.

Artistic Direction Committee

Chair: Jeff Perkins
The Artistic Direction committee is responsible for providing recommendations to the board for the artistic mandate of the company. This committee makes recommendations for show choices and nominates candidates for show direction.

Current Committee Members: Karen Allen, Lin Chapman, Lindsay Cox, Fiona Douglas, Werner Eitzen, Paul Pengelly, Holly Reid, Debbie Sippel Eitzen, Phil Sullivan, Matt Teeter and Julie Van Duzen

Nomination Committee

Chair: Holly A. Reid
The nomination committee is responsible for recommending, in accordance with criteria outlined in the Selection Criteria section outlined in our constitution, names of potential Directors of the Board to be elected at the Annual General Meeting. The composition of the Committee shall be as follows: Up to five (5) Board members and preferably chaired by the Past President and including the Vice President. The nomination committee shall meet at the call of the President or the Committee Chair.

Social Committee

Chair: Holly A. Reid
The social committee is responsible for the planning and execution of membership-based events as well as for the general communication with the membership that is not carried out by the publicity committee. The committee is charged with keeping the membership engaged and active within the company.

Resource and Facilities Committee

Chair: Tom Gould
The Resource and Facilities Committee is mandated with maintaining company assets and analyzing the needs of the company for facility space for rehearsal, storage, set building, and performances.

Current Committee Members: Tyler Livingstone

Publicity Committee

Chair: Fiona Douglas
The Publicity Committee is responsible for seeking out and creating engaging advertising for the company and its productions in a variety of ways, including print, online, radio, and social media.

Fundraising and Sponsorship Committee

Chair: Gary Roche
RCMPI receives about 70% of its revenues directly from ticket sales for shows leaving a significant challenge to ensure the viability of the company. RCMPI receives funding from a variety of sources including members, local businesses, and local government. This committee is responsible for spearheading fundraising initiatives and grant applications.

40th Anniversary Committee

Chair: Jane Martin
The 40th Anniversary Committee is researching ways of engaging the membership and the public during our 40th season culminating with the fall show in 2018.