Youth Show, 2024

Royal City Musical Productions (RCMPI) is accepting show proposals from directors for the 2024 Youth production which we expect to take place in late February 2024 at Guelph Little Theatre.

THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS is August 1st, 2023 at 11:59pm

Submissions are to be sent to:

This show is geared towards youth performers, generally grades 4 through 8. Cast size averages 25-40.

A presentation on best practices for proposals and interviews is available for reference.

A list of our past shows is available on our website.

The proposed show should be youth-friendly, with sufficient roles to be as inclusive as possible.

Directors are expected to submit, in writing, proposals for no more than two (2) shows, discussing at a minimum, the following items:
-Artistic vision (set, blocking, costumes, makeup, etc.)

-Artistic team (roles, names, experience, etc.)
      RCMPI provides a production coordinator and will help fill in roles that are unfilled


-Cast requirements
      -Cast Size
      -Number of males vs. females
      -Named character breakdown
      -Dance requirements

-Special skill requirements

-Special Effects (eg – snow falling, pyrotechnics, etc.)

Proposals should be no more than 5 pages in length. Directors will have an opportunity to elaborate on their vision during the interview process.

Directors will be interviewed by members of the Artistic Direction Committee in August 2023 (exact dates TBD). All proposed members of the directorial team should be present for the interview.

Prior to submission, the Artistic Direction Committee will check to confirm the availability of rights and suitability of the show. If rights for a submission are unavailable, we will contact that director and they will have the option to submit a different show.

Please advise the Artistic Direction Committee of the shows you intend to propose ahead of time in order to confirm the eligibility of your proposal.